Sales & Marketing Process

Building synergy between your sales and marketing departments

If you’ve ever worked in sales, at some point you've probably heard the marketing department complain about sales not following up on the leads they've been given.

And if you’ve ever worked in a marketing department, at some point you've probably heard the sales department complaining that marketing doesn’t provide enough qualified leads for follow-up.

At Big Shoe Marketing, our business consultants help companies bridge the gap between sales and marketing departments, tying them together so that processes are streamlined, marketing delivers leads and sales closes more opportunities.

CRM integration and workflows

How should sales leads be tracked within a company? How should they be delivered to sales? Who needs to be in the loop? What leads generate the greatest sales? Who isn’t following-up with leads?

If you’re already using a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool or you’re considering integrating one, let us help you sort through the complexities of moving leads through the sales process, from initial lead generation to follow-up to tracking and measuring the results.

Get more from your staff

We make your sales and marketing staff more effective by equipping people with real-time information so they are able to make smart decisions in a timely manner. As well, we’re able to provide alerts to managers and department heads to let them know when something is slipping through the cracks.

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